a collection of 4,848 algorithmically created unique Meowtas ON the Solana blockchain.

Who are the Meowtas?

Each and every cat enters the Meowtaverse through sleep, they then transverse into a different Meowta. Some would be cartoon characters, movie leads, athletes, superheroes, villains, you name it, they are it. Now, what determines which Meowta they traverse into? Every time they pass through the portal, they will come out with a different persona depending on their encounters and daily life habits.



“SPREAD MEOWTA, SAVE MEOWTA.” is one of Meowtaverse’s core value. Surrounding the relationship between the virtual and the reality, we give our Meowta holder’s a voice to vote which charity we support on a regular bases.


2022 JAN ✅

Debut of 4,848 Meowta, inspired by the “Dogu” earthen figure.

2022 JAN ✅
⛩️  Explore The Meowtaverse

Cat Lovers, are you ready? Take a glimpse into Meowtaverse through social media, including our Instagram, Twitter, Discord and official website. Follow us on Instagram where you’ll be taken on a journey filled with extraordinary experiences.

2022 JAN ✅
😻 Meowta Introduction

Let’s start meowing as our presale begins! If you don’t get lucky during presale, join us on the next presale and Mint Day.

2022 FEB ✅
🔓 Unlock Holder Benefits

Each of our verified Meowtaverse NFT Holder in discord will still to receive holder benefits.

2022 FEB ✅
🤳 Social Creativities

The launch of Meowtaverse Instagram story filters & WhatsApp Sticker version 2.0.

2022 FEB ✅

This is about more than just a NFT. We will be introducing a charity collaboration specifically for all cat lovers; our verified Discord Members of the Meowtaverse NFT Holders will have the right to vote and choose which chairty group or program we will be supporting.

2022 MAR ✅
🤝🏻 Meeting with the Team!

We will set up an exclusive channel for our verified holders to participate in the conference with our team and MODs once a week to discuss the upcoming development.

2022 FROM MAR ✅
🌀 MORE MEOW-DATES, Holder Benefits & Charities!

We will be launching our Meowtaverse website 2.0 and there will be more early bird mint dates unlocked when our Discord member reach to 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000! Also, there will be more Holder Benefits and Charity activities unlocked when we reach the above milestones.

2022 APR ✅
Launch Website 2.0

2022 Q2

Real life pop-up store to introduce Meowtaverse merchandises (location to be announced) and and and…there will be an opening event for our pop-up exhibition in collaboration with an internationally brand-certified artist.

2022 Q2
🌀 The Meowta Portal Opens!

Time to Meo…w…int, mint!
Mint one or more of our 4,848 unique Meowta residents located on Meowtaverse when our Discord member reach to 5,848!

2022 Q2
📊 Meowta Rarity Revelation

Check our official website in terms of your Meowta’s rarity! A glimpse into how loud your Meowta’s uniqueness is.

2022 Q2
😽 The Meowtaverse Exchanges

Let’s keep Meowing! Meowta will be listed on multiple Secondary Market platforms post-mint, including Magic Eden and Opensea.

2022 Q2
💎 Meowta Benefits (Cont.)

Our verified Meowtaverse NFT owners will receive discount and enjoy promotion on hot items and firsthand benefits at lifestyle stores.

2022 Q3
💡 Meowtaverse is Evolving!

About time for Meowta to come to life as we expand and collaborate with an international artist, bringing to you a brand new collection that will be a physical experience. Focus on your sharp senses to keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming surprise.

2022 Q3
🎊 Bringing to the world, Meowta’s Physical Existence

Imagine Meowtaverse as part of your reality, and Meowta as part of a real life Art Exhibition as we collaborate with a famous international artist where you will be able to gain a first hand experiences with Meowta.

2022 Q3
Pay attention and watch out for surprises on Meowtaverse!